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19th Annual Luncheon


21st Annual Luncheon featuring Wendy Davis

Monday, May 18, 2015   •   12 – 2 PM   •   Registration 11:30 AM

Our featured speaker, Former Texas Senator Wendy Davis, has become a nationally recognized champion of women's rights after filibustering an anti-abortion bill in the Texas legislature for 13 straight hours.

The program will honor Kathy Power, past PPMSM Board Chair and the 2015 recipient of the Wally Klein Leadership Award.

We invite you to support this event and the educational and health care services that Planned Parenthood Mid and South Michigan provides each year to nearly 60,000 women, men, and teens in Michigan.

If you have questions or would like assistance, please call 855.896.4966 or send us an email.


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